AgriInvest, Withdraw


Today I want to talk to you about AgriInvest and why you should be withdrawing it.   Leaving it in your AgriInvest Account When you put money in AgriInvest, let us say $5,000 in this scenario. The government will match your $5,000, for a total of $10,000 in your account. It is not always this…

When to Incorporate

When to Incorporate

When does it make sense to incorporate? Farmers, of all ages, are asking this question more and more as farm revenue steadily increases with rising commodity prices. But when is the right time? In this video, Colin compares the differences between being incorporating versus claiming farm revenue as personal income, from a cash flow and…

Farm Transition

What is fair?

In this video, Colin reviews the 2 extremes when it comes to taking care of your non-farming children. Option 1, leave the farm to your farm child, and whatever is left to your non-farming children. Option 2, split everything up evenly. The solutions to “What is Fair” usually lies somewhere in between.

Multiply your Capital Gains Exemption

Let’s Multiply Your Capital Gains Exemption

Let’s Multiply Your Capital Gains Exemption As a farmer, you have a lifetime exemption of one million dollar on the sale of farmland. If you exceed that amount, you could be looking at a large tax bill. Here is an option to increase your capital gains exemption. In this video, we will show two things. First, when no plan is in place and the ensuing tax bill. Second, how your tax bill may be substantially decreased with the aid of using this approach.…

Private Health Care Spending Accounts: How Can They Help Your Business?

An Educational Webinar presented by Colin Sabourin CFP, CIM, CAFA, and Pierre Normandeau CPA, CGA, IMPORTANT: This webinar is for business owners who are incorporated. In the presentation, Colin and Pierre go step by step through: ➡️How Private Health Care Spending Accounts work ➡️What qualifies as a medical expense ➡️Tax benefits for the corporation ➡️What…