Why you shouldn’t hire me for a one-time retirement plan

Why you shouldn’t hire me for a one-time retirement plan?

Because things change over time!

As soon as one variable in the plan changes, the plan becomes obsolete.

Income needs change, tax rules change, and investment returns vary. A retirement withdrawal plan is not something you create once and can follow blindly for the next 30 years.

For these reasons, I believe it’s not in your best interest to hire me to build you a one-off retirement withdrawal plan and why we’ve stopped offering it.

Marc Sabourin is a Winnipeg-based Financial Advisor and Retirement Specialist with Harbourfront Wealth Management. His specialty is working with pre-retirees and retirees who are looking for retirement, investment, & tax advice. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of Marc Sabourin, Certified Financial Planner, and Investment Advisor, and not necessarily those of Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc., a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund

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