Paying for Private Home Care

Private Home Care

According to a recent survey[1] from CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons), nearly 95% of seniors want to stay in their homes as they age. This isn’t overly surprising considering the negative connotation associated with care homes. We all have that relative who we’ve heard say I’d rather ….. than end up in one of those places.

We often hear this same sentiment from our clients, and they would much rather pay for private home care than go to a home.


What is Private Home Care?

Private home care is a form of professional support which provides caregiving services in the comfort of one’s own home. Home care can be beneficial to many who struggle with completing a wide variety of day-to-day activities due to physical limitations.

We spoke with Lisa Ediger from Bayshore Home Health about the services available through private home care.

“Home care services begin with personal care, such as hygiene, dressing, moving around the home, walking, exercising, errands, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and companionship,” said Lisa.

“If more care is required, there is also the option for services such as nursing or around-the-clock care.”


How much does it cost?

In my opinion, the cost of private home care is less than I would have expected. In many cases, you can pay hourly for the services you require. This can start anywhere from $25 per hour and up.

“In some instances, a portion of the cost may be covered through provincial programs or via health insurance,” said Lisa. “We can even help you see what coverage you’re entitled to.”

When choosing which home care provider to work with, it’s very important to search out the services these programs offer. This will help you choose the best option suited for your specific situation.


Should you plan for it?

If you would like to stay in your home long-term, this is definitely something that should be incorporated into your retirement plan.

The hourly cost is less than I expected, but if around-the-clock care is required, it adds up quickly.

Have additional questions about private home care?

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