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You're 50+

with over $500,000 in retirement savings and you have questions like…

How do I create a retirement income?

How much can I spend?

How can I reduce my taxes?

What can I do to plan for the unexpected?

We Can Help By Creating A

Retirement Withdrawal Plan

Made just for you. Our retirement withdrawal plans help to get the most out of your money in retirement. By pairing the latest financial planning tools with our seasoned expertise, gain confidence in knowing you have a plan that works for you.

Retirement Strategy
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Retirement Plan
Registered Drawdown Strategy

Retire with Confidence

We have worked with Kevin for the last 20 years and we have been very pleased with the outcome of our financial plan. They have helped us understand our goals and priorities and tailored an investment strategy for the future of our family & business. Needless to say, we are more than satisfied with their approach in keeping our investing on track. Thank-you for your excellence!
Pam & Bruce D.
I started working with Colin back in 2015. We put together a plan that touched on my succession and estate planning. Colin has experience, is sharp, and provided me with great ideas. What I admired most however was his ability to organize my team of professionals (accountants & lawyer) so we could all work together on tax savings strategies that fit my personal farm operation.
5472547 MB Ltd
Kevin is a very smart and personable financial consultant with a high degree of professional integrity. I enjoy working with him because he makes sound recommendations for my family and I, and explains his recommendations in a way that is easy to understand. I enjoy discussing the merits of personal financial strategies with Kevin and never feel under pressure to make decisions I am not comfortable with. I feel that Kevin understands my financial goals, and will help me achieve them in the years to come
Mark D.

A Plan That Pairs With

Portfolio Management

The returns below are annualized since inception.

Global Balanced


Global Growth


Global Equity


Annualized returns since inception. Last updated April 30, 2024. For more information, please click “See Our Portfolios.”

Your retirement plan should work hand in hand with your investments. Following an evidence-based investment approach, we focus on the controllable to provide you with financial security and freedom. 

Trans Canada Wealth Management is a tradename of Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc. Information on which this table is based is available on request. Particular investments or trading strategies should be evaluated relative to each individual’s objectives in consultation with the Investment Advisor. Opinions of Trans Canada Wealth Management constitutes its judgment as of the date on this report and is subject to change without notice. They are provided in good faith but without responsibility for any errors or omissions contained herein. This table is furnished on the basis and understanding that neither Trans Canada Wealth Management nor its employees, agents or information suppliers is to be under any responsibility of liability whatsoever in respect thereof.

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Trans Canada Wealth

Striving for full transparency and open lines of communication, we aim for your complete trust and satisfaction. Our team has been carefully created to provide you with the best possible retirement planning and portfolio management. 

  • 4 Certified Financial Planners
  • 4 Chartered Investment Managers 
  • Actively working with over 300 families managing over a quarter billion of their hard-earned wealth.

Trans Canada Wealth Management

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