Justin Baldwin

Justin Baldwin

Investment Advisor


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Justin Baldwin

My Background

It was early on when I realized what the main goal of my career would be. I was meeting with a potential client. After asking some questions relating to her financial situation, it became clear that this individual would not be able to retire as hoped. She was a single woman and hadn’t prioritized saving for retirement. She had a low income throughout her career, no investments, and tended to live beyond her means.

I was completely shocked. Here I sat in front of this lady as a brand-new advisor, with no idea of how to advise her. I could tell by her expression she was aware of her current circumstance. As the meeting came to a close, I asked what she would have done differently if she had the opportunity to start over financially. It didn’t take long for her to answer with, “I wish I had a plan in place to set myself up for retirement.

After that early emotional meeting, I had only one goal in mind: To make sure that my clients never ended up in a similar situation. My objective is to not only serve my clients, but to help instill education in their lives and teach them the importance of having a well-structured plan for their money. Although having a plan early in your career is ideally the most effective, it’s never too late to build a financial plan for both short and long-term goals. Planning helps provide clients with accountability and direction, as well as helping individuals see an end goal on paper.

I have come to realize that there are many people who find themselves in circumstances like the woman I met that afternoon. Wealth management, and most importantly, the idea of retirement and financial freedom, is something I am passionate about. As a retirement specialist, I help individuals and families build, protect, and enjoy their wealth. This all begins with a financial/retirement plan. Not only does my team create and implement plans for our clients; we also fix broken financial plans and identify why some people may not be on track to reach their goals. As a practice, we address this by minimizing taxes, managing risk, preserving/growing wealth, managing estates, and planning for the future.