Tax Planning Strategies: Dealing with Capital Gains (Part 4)

Tax Planning Strategies - Part 4Wanda has been investing for a long time and is quite familiar with buying when prices are low and selling when prices are high. Past non-registered account purchase In 2010, she had purchased $100,000 of ABC Corp, and today, it’s worth $250,000. Wanda is now ready to sell her investment as she believes the stock [...]

Tax Planning Strategies: Tax-Loss Selling (Part 3)

Tax Planning Strategies - Part 3Tax-Loss Selling Judy bought $400,000 of ABC Bank shares in her non-registered account. Today her ABC Bank shares are worth $375,000, and she is showing a $25,000 loss. Judy plans on holding these shares for the next ten years, so she isn’t overly concerned with the short term drop in her investment. For this week’s [...]

Tax Planning Strategies: 4 Strategies You Should Implement this Year (Part 2)

Tax Planning Strategies - Part 2It’s the beginning of December, and Bob has purchased a rental property from his brother. Imagine how unfair it would be if Bob had to pay tax on his brother’s rental income for the entire year. Fortunately for Bob, that’s not the case, but this can happen when you purchase an investment in a non-registered [...]