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Are you asking yourself...

  • How do I sell/transition my farm tax efficiently?
  • How can I make it “fair” for my non-farming children?
  • How do I take care of my retirement while making sure the farm continues to be successful?

I started working with Colin back in 2015. We put together a plan that touched on my succession and estate planning. Colin has experience, is sharp, and provided me with great ideas. What I admired most however was his ability to organize my team of professionals (accountants & lawyer) so we could all work together on tax savings strategies that fit my personal farm operation.

– 5472547 MB Ltd

The Farm Transition Planning Process

Let us help you get to home plate!

Instead of 5 meetings with 5 different professionals, we are your one-stop shop. Our succession plans are tailored perfectly for you based on ALL available succession planning tools and reviewed by our team of farm professionals (accountants, lawyers, etc.)
Farm Transition

Farm Transition Guide

Ten useful tips to help with your farm transition

My husband and I know Colin personally and have been clients of his for the past few years. We have had many meetings with him, and he always explains everything thoroughly. We are very impressed with the personalized, professional service and advice given to us, and how he tailors this specifically to suit our situation and future needs. We feel very comfortable putting our finances in his care due to his depth of knowledge, lateral thinking, common sense approach, and his ethical and caring demeanor. We look forward to working with Colin for the long term and have no hesitation in recommending him with complete trust.

– C&R Farms Ltd.

Our Farm Specific Solutions

Farm Succession Plan

Succession Plans

Comprehensive Farm Plans

Instead of 5 meetings with 5 different professionals, we are your one-stop-shop.
Our succession plans are tailored perfectly for you based on ALL available succession planning tools and reviewed by our team of farm professionals (accountants, lawyers, etc.*)

Projected Tax Bill Comparisons

Customized for Farmers

See exactly what your tax bill will be before implementing any strategies. Compare with different scenarios to find the option that works best for your farm.

Retirement Projections

Customized for Farmers

We have custom farm retirement software that includes farm-specific tax strategies and income streams. You will not find a more accurate farm retirement plan anywhere else

Tax-Free Rollover

Tracking Tool

See exactly what date your farm must be transferred to the next generation before you lose the opportunity to do so tax-free.

Farm Transition Process

The Farm Transition Process

Our guide helps farming families stay on track. No more starting and getting stalled

What is Fair

What Is "Fair"


We use this calculator to show farmers exactly how much their farming child will receive and how much their non-farming children will receive. The results always surprise

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We appreciate Colin’s diversified approach to helping us manage our finances, which helps us to make a cohesive plan. We initially started working with him for a narrow, specific area of our finances, but soon found that we needed to take a more holistic approach and he was able to help us with all areas. Sometimes working on the day to day makes a person lose sight of the “big picture” and Colin has brought that back into view for us. His professional service and sincere desire to do his best for his clients is part of why we enjoy working with him. We would highly recommend working with Colin.

– Country Grove Farms Ltd

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