The Pay Less Tax Blueprint

3 Easy Steps To pay less tax

Most Canadians are paying significantly more tax than they need to.

Could this be you?

It’s not your fault. A lot of people work with a “financial advisor” for this advice but at the end of the day, all they are receiving is investment management.

Sound familiar?

The Pay Less Tax Blueprint will provide you with actionable strategies to pay less tax today and in the future. The blueprint will provide answers to:

  1. Are you paying too much tax today?
  2. How will overpaying today affect your retirement and estate?
  3. How to draw down your retirement assets tax-efficiently?

Answers to these questions along with solutions are provided to you after our simple 3 Step Process.

If you are retired or close to it, this is for you. There is no cost or obligation for this process as we want you to know exactly how we can help you before you pay us a single dollar in fees or trust us with a penny of your hard-earned savings.

Step 1 - Initial Phone Call

Before committing your time or ours, let’s have a quick 15-minute phone call to make sure our expertise matches your situation.

After all, you wouldn’t ask a Neurologist to perform knee surgery.

Step 2 – Team Meeting

The next step is meeting with our team (in-person or virtually). During this meeting, our team will get a crystal-clear idea of where your tax inefficiencies lie.

Step 3 - Pay Less Tax

In our final meeting with our team (in-person or virtually) we’ll show you in dollars and cents, how the actionable strategies of the Pay Less Tax Blueprint will reduce your taxes.

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